Friday, May 25, 2012

Place that called Home

It's been 20 years I had came into this earth, from an incomplete tiny little creature that lived in mother's womb and turned into a complete human structure till now, and that's how the growth goes. People like me which categories in twenties, busy growing up, learning and experiencing every single day, but I do always remind myself, parents are growing old too, often missing children like me every single day who further study at somewhere far away from home.

I do really feel glad to have such caring, understanding and loving parents whom I couldn't afford to lose any of them. My dad, he's a best man on earth, or should I say, the best man on this planet who talks to me like a brother and makes me feel like having another sibling who can have heart to heart conversation. Nevertheless, my mum is always long-winded when it comes to the lesson giving or story telling but carries a significant great heart who wants me to learn, and yet she's a cute mum, indeed.

Looking back on the previous post, never thought that I have such great faith in myself the past few months, which obviously presented now that I'm not as great as like few months back before. Dad did always tell me, in every single person's lifetime does go through some hard times, hard times that might bring you deep down from the sky to the ground and hit the rocks which we called the boundaries, overcoming the boundaries played important role and it's a stage where everyone will be faced then everything will be just fine.

To my horror, not a single thought that I would face this kind of dramatic situation that usually just shown in movie, yet it really happens in real life. The situation which brings me nowhere except insomnia for few days thinking over and over again asking for solution and ended up still got my mind blanked. For this year and every incoming year birthday wishes, I would just love to wish and hoping my dad and each of every family members to be healthy and with delightful smiles every single day.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

One of my very best friend.

Things are done, over and over again. Small became huge, immature became mature, bad became worst. Things are done by what you did, like how water flows according to the shape of the river and somehow, it will be the end of the steps that u are making ; the final step, just like the water flew from the river to the sea. Decisions made by either good choices or bad choices. Nothing stays between them, nothing, it's no interval or so called the "neutral gap".
Sometimes things happened not according to what you want, or you can say, most of the time. Yes, it's the truth that can't be changed or even bend, not like a wire that u can bend as the shape of what you like, it's a test tube that it's fixed, very vulnerable as it's made by glass with a fixed shape, u just can't change it unless you break it and make another one, but the shape u make of what u wish, it won't be perfect with the sizes are not the same.
Being a great, wealthy or wise person is not an easy task as like what people says, great warriors came from experiences. People should just go through some hard times, the hard times which bringing good deeds to self and it's awakening medicine to realize how crucial is the world. Being smart and make good choices are the one and only way to live in this world, trust yourself that you could make a change, bring the star down, and having faith inside of you is a must which it's the initial steps for you to begin for a change.
Telling vulgars does make you feel cool of yourself, but it doesn't applies on how people look at you, no doubt, that's not even a tiny percent of coolness in you ; people look at you like a tiny monkey jumping around in one of the cage in zoo, yet you feel like a King Kong owning the big city which it is an awful truth. To certain people, vulgars accepted, certain people, vulgars screwed. Close friend knows every single thing of you and understands you, outsider, will eventually misunderstands you.
It's hard sometimes to let go of something that you used to care so much, but you just have to, people is aging, things get tiring, advices become boring.